Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cinta Sampai Mati..

i never thought that love was true
until the day i met you
and when i met you
all my dreams came true
so please love me
like i love you
having you in my life
makes everything so special
and beutiful
i love you not because of what
i feels
i care for you not because you need care
but because i want to
i'm always here for you
not because i want you to be with me
but because i want to be with you
i love you more than any word can say
i love you more than every action i take
i'll be right here loving you till the end..
never ask why i love you,
just accept that i do,
and that i will for the rest of my life
when i looked into ur eyes
i didn't see just you
but i saw my tomorrow and
my future for the rest of my life
my love to you is everlasting
it will never grow old and it will
never fade away
i will forever love you
if i had to choose between
breathing n loving you
i would use my last breath
to tell you
i love you once
i love you still
i always have
i always will
if you want to know
how much i love you
look into my eyes
with your heart open
i love you for being
you and the way

you make me feel when i'm with you !!!

That's all
thanks (credit to - Noraini)